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Weekly Blog 

Here our minister shares a weekly reflection
Sunday 17 April - Love is never done
We approach Easter, and again we do so at time in which huge challenges and difficulties loom over us, including the war in Eastern Europe, the ongoing Covid pandemic, and the cost of living crisis. Celebrating Easter as a triumphalist celebration seems out of step with the situation around us, and the pain faced by many. Proclaiming and celebrating victory seems a little out of step with reality, an almost escapist act.
Yes, of course, at Easter we do celebrate the hope that Jesus’ death and resurrection brings, but we do so well aware that life today is difficult, plagued with injustice, and oh so full of inhumane acts of violence and destruction.
So how do we celebrate Easter at a time such as this, a time when God’s victory and coming kingdom can seem so remote?
At Easter, even celebrated in the midst of fear, uncertainty and despair, we are confronted with the fact that ‘love is never done’. Even on the darkest of days, when the son of God was crucified, and the prince of peace was rejected by humankind, we find that God’s love could not be extinguished. All of the evil, injustice, and prolonged excruciating death that human beings meted out on Jesus Christ, could not rid creation of the love of God. Even at our worst, God continues to embrace us, and calls us back to him to realise our full humanity, and the humanity of others, as we are invited to share in the love of God. This is a love that is never done with us, no matter how hard we try to get rid of it.
‘Love is never done’
On this day, we have seen it all.
Everything dies.
Life dies.
Death dies.
Everything is done.
Except love.
Only love is not done.
Only love will not die.
Everything is finished except love.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
At some point everything will be done.
Except love.
Love is never done.
Martin Wroe

Every blessing this Holy Week, and I hope you have a good Easter.


Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
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Planning your Visit

This church welcomes you!


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Who are we?

  • All ages, different backgrounds
  • A mix; visitors, new church members, some with lifetime experience
  • An informal church, accepting people as they are

Coming to a 10.30am Sunday service

  • For directions please see the directions page
  • Aim to turn up around 10.25 a.m. (but sometimes we’re late too!)
  • You’ll be met at the door by a friendly face
  • We are a friendly bunch, if you’re unsure of something, please ask!
  • Please be who you are, not someone you aren’t!
  • Please note that things are a bit different at the moment due to Covid restrictions but you are still assured a warm welcome! Check the latest arrangements on our 'Church during Covid 19' page

What to expect

Our aim: whether you’re looking at Christianity for the first time or have been a Christian for many years,
we want you to be encouraged and inspired by a morning with us.
We hope we will all draw closer to God as a result.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • We start at 10.30am with a few notices of coming events, followed by silent reflection
  • The service lasts until about 11.30am
  • Our worship blends Bible reading and prayer with traditional hymns and modern songs
  • Everyone can participate in the worship
  • The average size of our congregation on a Sunday morning is around 50 people
  • At 11am young people go to their own groups, there are also crèche facilities. The church implements a strong Safeguarding policy
  • We have a talk from the bible that is relevant and meaningful to our lives
  • We share the Lord’s Supper together as part of the service (first and third Sundays); we explain this as we take part
  • After our service tea and coffee are served; some services are followed by a lunch
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What we believe

We are a Christian church and believe all can have relationship with God.
We believe this can happen because of Jesus, who invites us to follow him.

Is it just Sundays?

Absolutely not! God is with us all week long and we aim to lead lives that show it. We’re not perfect and we do make mistakes, but we want to make a positive difference in everything we do.

For those with disabilities

We aim to be an all-inclusive church and to meet the needs of all who use our building.
Our premises are accessible for those with disabilities. We have a loop for the hearing impaired.
For disabled parking or for other specific needs please contact the church office

Celebrating Marriage

If you would like to be wedded through a Christian marriage service, please contact our minister for a conversation. The church is registered both for the marriage of a man and a woman, and for same-sex marriage.